Fidget spinners are a huge craze, and they have leaked over into the gadget and knife- making world. The EDC Fidget Spinner Knives are high-quality gadgets that are both fun and functional.

If you are someone that often needs a wonderful way to distress but also doesn’t see a point in buying a gadget for pure entertainment reasons, you need to invest in one of these. Just be careful. Once you purchase one, you may have to restrain yourself from starting an enormous collection.

EDC Fidget Spinner Knives

These half-knife/half-spinners function as a legitimate pocket knife when open and lock down into safe and secure fidget spinners when closed. The blades are made of AUS8 Japanese steel, making them durable and resistant to rust and the spinner body functions as a tough-grip titanium handle.

You never have to worry about the knife popping out while you spin because the grip has a sturdy stainless-steel liner lock that refuses to budge unless you give it the proper encouragement.

When you are using it as a blade, it extends to 2.4” with an edge length of 2.2” and a handle length of 3.2”. It’s right and left compatible, so anyone can use it, and the handles are equipped with a handy pocket clip that allows it to stay securely in your pocket.

When you are using it as a fidget spinner, the balance is perfect. Everything has been so carefully measured out and constructed that you get a super long-lasting spin that beats out most boring, normal fidget spinners.


The weapon side of it is easily camouflaged and could throw off attackers if you were ever to find yourself up against on. The knife also functions just as good as any other average pocket knife you could find on the market.

It’s useful in far more situations than just protecting yourself. If there is anything around that you need to cut or open, this is the perfect gadget to help you out.

The fidget spinner side can help improve your concentration and ease your anxiety. The benefits of a fidget spinner go beyond mere entertainment. There is a reason they are popular with both children and adults.

This is also the side of your gadget that helps camouflage the fact that you are carrying a weapon. If you need to travel anywhere, that is a little stricter on what you are allowed to carry this may pass inspection.

Where Do I Get One?

You can find these fidget spinner knives for sale from certain brick and mortar knife stores and online on most third-party marketplaces.