Handguns are designed to be held in one hand and for easy carry. Handguns can be worn on the hip, slipped into a purse or in some cases even in pants pockets.

Handguns come in a variety of sizes; some are so small they can fit in the palm of your hand, while others are large enough that you wouldn’t dream of slipping it into your pocket.

Consumers can choose from single shot handguns, revolvers or semi-automatics. A single-shot is just that, a bullet is placed in the chamber and once fired another bullet must be placed in the gun before it is ready to fire.

Revolvers consist of a revolving chamber meant to hold several bullets at once, meaning the gun can be fired more than once without the need to reload after each fire. A semi-automatic means part of the mechanism used to fire one shot, puts the next shot into position and ready to fire.

Characteristics of a Tactical Handgun

Tactical Handgun

A tactical handgun is different from casual pistols. They are designed for high-quality performance and ease of use. There are several characteristics that distinguish tactical pistols from other groups of handguns.

Tactical handguns have a mounting rail on which a combat light or perhaps laser can be installed. Tactical handguns for sale can either come with just the mounting rail or may already have a laser installed. Consumers can also have handguns customized with sights or lasers to suit their preference.

Tactical pistols feature textured grips, for easier handling of the gun and resulting in fewer chances of the pistol slipping. Accurate and high visibility sights increase the accuracy of the firearm. A tactical handgun is known for its high level of performance and reliability.

Uses of Tactical Pistols

Tactical handguns were not designed for casual use. They were designed with a purpose. There are different uses for tactical pistols, and of course, there are many firearm connoisseurs who collect tactical pistols for recreational target practice.

Law enforcement officers risk their lives every day to protect their communities. They never know from day to day what they will be up against. Reliable tactical handguns are an essential part of their everyday gear.

The military use a variety of different weapons, depending on their situation. Tactical pistols are certainly in their repertoire of skills and are meant to give the user an advantage in every way possible.

Tactical pistols are semi-automatic firearms, with a high degree of reliability and accuracy. They’re great for self-defense, jobs that require a high level of personal protection, and for firearm collectors.