What Equipment Does a Crematory Need?


Preparing the dead for burial requires certain equipment, for example, embalming tools. A crematory will need additional equipment that funeral homes don’t have. Those items include a crematory furnace, furnace fuel, and a cremation processor machine.

cremation processor machine

The Cremation Process

Once a body has been prepared for cremation, it is placed in the crematory furnace where temperatures that exceed 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. The high temperature reduces the body and the casket to gasses and bone fragments. The gasses are vented to the outside after they’ve been cooled and filtered for particulate matter.

A human body is made up primarily of water, so much of it turns to vapor when cremated. There are solid remains though, made up of ash and bone fragments. There can often be a surprising amount of metal from things like hip replacements and pacemakers.

After the cremation process, some bone fragments can be too large to fit into urns. Some may recognizable if they are examined. When the remains have been cremated, they are cooled on a tray and moved on to the cremation processing machine.

Cremation Processing Machines

A cremation processor machine will pulverize the remains so they are of uniform size and will fit in an urn. When the processing is complete, the machine will deposit the remains directly in the urn, so they don’t have to be handled by the operator.

A cremation processor machine is crafted from stainless steel to help keep the environment as sterile as possible. The machines come in several different configurations such as a tabletop, ventless, and freestanding.

A table top cremation processor machine is an excellent choice for an area that doesn’t have a lot of room. Its processing pan will be large enough to handle remains without the machine taking up a large space. It will also remove metal for you during the process.

A ventless cremation processor machine is a good machine for a crematory with little access to exterior venting. It has a built-in fan and filter and doesn’t require exterior venting to protect the work area.

A freestanding unit takes up more space than the tabletop unit, but it can come equipped with caster wheels for easy movement if needed.

Final Thoughts

Cremation processor machines are a key component of any crematorium operator equipment inventory. Many cremation furnace manufacturers also make these important machines as well as most of the other tools necessary for a crematorium.

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