What Conditions Can Bioresonance Therapy Treat?

therapy for depression

therapy for depression

Bioresonance therapy is a complementary magnetic field treatment known by many names including electrodermal testing, biophysical information therapy, and vibrational medicine. It cancels out negative energy by subjecting the body to positive energy.

As a result of exposure to pathogens, stressors, and parasites in everyday life, our bodies respond in adverse ways like allergic reactions, depression, or the development of tumors. Bioresonance therapy for depression, for example, could help to balance your mood and encourage neurological healing. Which is very important for our healthy body and healthy life

  • Depression

    Bioresonance therapy is a non-invasive treatment that involves placing electrodes on the skin which are constantly emitting energy pulses. These pulses are directed toward the limbic system in the brain, specifically the amygdala and hippocampus.

    The treatment aims to reboot the neurological state of the person affected by depression so their neurological synapses can carry neurotransmitters more efficiently.

    The vibrations sent to the brain may slow the overactive amygdala down and encourage the release of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, which can all contribute to improvements in our mood.

  • Tumors

    Tumors are a conglomerate of cells which give off toxins that suppress the P53 gene, a natural part of our cells’ degeneration and reproduction cycle. It is crucial to target the tumor and address weaknesses in our organs, glands, and immune system. Bioresonance therapy addresses issues caused by the tumor throughout the entire body, rather than only targeting its precise location.

  • Allergies

    Bioresonance treatment can diagnose and address issues with our dermal, respiratory, neural, and digestive systems to treat a wide variety of allergies. Allergies that can be treated with bioresonance include digestive issues, seasonal allergies, skin complaints and sinus problems.

  • Organ problems

    Bioresonance therapy can filter out harmful toxins from kidneys that are not functioning properly. Symptoms of stomach and bowel afflictions such as extreme bloating, gas, and churning can also be treated with bioresonance therapy.

Our organ health is largely dependent on our nutrition, so the patient must eat a healthy, balanced diet for bioresonance therapy to achieve the desired results.

Achieve balance with bioresonance therapy

A provider of bioresonance therapy for depression in Waterford, MI could help you achieve the balance you need. If you suffer from any of the other conditions on this list, you may also find relief through bioresonance therapy. Attend a consultation with a specialist to find out if this treatment could work for you.

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