What Are Automated Vertical Lift Modules?

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The vision of a warehouse with boxes hanging out on shelves everywhere is slowly dissipating. Automated vertical lift modules are changing both the interior look of warehouses and also how they help organize products.

These self-contained systems can be built to the height of almost any warehouse structure, ridding the need for high reaching forklifts and helping to optimize warehouse operations.

How automated vertical lift modules differ from regular shelf space

A standard shelf with products would typically contain one box of the product pushed to the front of a column. This helps personnel to visually see which product is there and ensure that it jives with how that particular section is labeled. From there, that product is organized from front to back, and/or vertically.

The problem with this classic approach is that it is static. The labeling would be time-consuming to change, so usually that product remains in this spot despite any changes in the ebb and flow of product movement throughout the warehouse.

This is bad practice for a technologically efficient and fluid world. As a result, this process severely hinders good organization practices, economy of floor space, and personnel efficiency.

Automated vertical lift modules stand to change all of this. The two columned housed system stores products based upon an analysis of the size and shape of the product itself and stores this information into a computer database.

Personnel using the system can place the product on a feeder arm that travels up the middle between the two columns and stores and retrieves products. This simple process does away with many of the headaches involved with normal warehouse organization.

The benefits of automated vertical lift modules

The benefits of the automated vertical lift modules are many. For those just starting their businesses or who are looking to expand, understanding how these systems can benefit your operations is critical at these fundamental time periods.

Below is a list of just some of the ways in which vertical lift modules for automated storage solutions can help warehouse operations:

  • Improves organization for taking inventory
  • Improves efficiency
  • Reduces personnel costs
  • Reduces personnel required
  • Minimizes stocking errors
  • Increases floor space
  • Adds Security
  • Can be Customizable

An investment in these systems over the long-term can save thousands of dollars if not more and may also give business owners an edge over competitors who have longer turnarounds without such systems in place.

While change can sometimes seem overwhelming, vertical lift modules for automated storage solutions are the future of the shipping and handling industry. Warehouse owners and managers need to take a keen interest in how these machines work, how they can work best for them, and ultimately, how they can help build their business.

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