Water Scarcity Poses Economic and Security Threat Around the World

Water Scarcity Poses Economic

There are growing issues of water scarcity happening around the world and it is continuing to increase each year. The increase of droughts around the world is effecting many farming regions. By providing and using high-performance, producing greenhouses to withstand extreme climate conditions, there are chances of maximizing the sustainability in areas of food production. World leaders are meeting in Paris to discuss climate change conditions as it is becoming increasingly important that issues of water scarcity definitely needs action right now. Learning about the importance of water to our economy and security is quite essential to everyone.

NASA studies show that many ground water basins are suffering distress. Many of them are being depleted by the use of humans. As the Earth’s population increases, the groundwater basin usage increases as well. Groundwater reserves are currently being tested for how much water is left. The second most over stressed aquifer is found in northwestern India and Pakistan. The third one s found in Africa. Today, we have certainly become a water-scarce society. Water is essential for all life.

Security Threat Around the World

Water reserves can be found beneath the surface of the soil and rock layers of the Earth. There are innovative and sustainable solutions for agriculture due to advanced technology. This modern advanced technology contributes to climate control and water production even if the outside climate and weather conditions remain harsh. Atmospheric water generators are now in use to control humidity and temperature inside of greenhouses. These newly advanced water generators are really helpful in disasters and emergency situations to offer people a good and clean sustainable source of both food and water supply.

These are solutions that will be helpful to people all across the world. Today, vertical farming solutions with a reliable and sustainable water source along with the climate control solutions would greatly allow the farmers to grow crops year-round without being hindered by water scarcity. National, local, and world economies are not only effected by climate conditions and water scarcity, but from terrorist actions as well.

Severe storms that lead to rising water levels threaten to wash away lowest lying states and low coastlines from the South Pacific Islands to the most heavily populated of countries like Bangladesh. Drought and climate conditions are natural disasters that will certainly cause many major crop losses around the world along with reduced yields for farmers, especially in developing countries. These are devastating effects that are taking place today. Deteriorating climate conditions are contributing to many people’s decisions to migrate.

Water scarcity along with natural disasters and climate changes are leading to increases in displaced people. As the severe climate change disrupts the weather patterns the Earth becomes considerably warmer and drier. It not only takes professionals, but everyone to make a change for the better. Everyone can certainly make a difference one step at a time. Virtual water trade is now being recognized by governments and water experts around the world. Seventy-five percent of global water use is by farmers for producing the food crops we need for survival on Earth.

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