How To Unlock Your Healing Energy To Flow Easily Into Your Body?

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Do you always lack the energy even the moment you wake up in the morning? Or, perhaps the tension on your muscles becomes unbearable, making you less productive. If any of these symptoms are affecting you right now and want to feel energized, find a solution that will unlock your energy healing.

You might ask, what is energy healing? Energy healing is commonly referred as an alternative energy medicine or therapy that utilizes various approaches to restore the lost energy in the body, physically, mental and spiritual to achieve balance in the end.

Nowadays, massage is recognized an energy healing and holistic therapy approach that has the power to relax the body and mind. There are many healing benefits one could get from full body massage in Miami. Imagine when you succumb yourself to a mind and body massage, the massage therapist will start pouring the oil to your tired body and proceed to apply the appropriate pressures to areas of your body where tension is felt. Isn’t it the whole experience calming as your body and mind feel good?

The regular trip to a body massage in Miami can improve your health condition by delivering the following:

● Increase circulation needed for pumping more oxygen and nutrients to your body’s tissues and organs.

● Promote flow of lymph which is your body’s defense against harmful toxins that can affect your immune system functionality. Massage, when given to patients with breast cancer, can result to increase of cells that combat cancer.

● Relax tensed and overused muscles.

● Prevent occurrences of muscle cramps.

● Reduce discomfort on people suffering from lower back pain

● Improve range of motion and joint flexibility for individuals with osteo- or rheumatoid arthritis.

● Prepare the body for strenuous activities like sports.

● Release endorphins ( a natural painkiller) to the body which is beneficial for patients who are undergoing recovery after a surgery or chronic illness.

● Reduce pain for individuals with a migraine.

● Minimize the stress and anxiety among expectant mothers.
Are you now convinced to avail the services of a massage therapy spa to help unlock your healing energy? If yes, it’s crucial you have a clear idea of the different kinds of massage treatments that the massage therapy and spa have to offer and here are some of them:

● Abhyanga Massage
This massage treatment uses the principles of Ayurveda wherein the therapist will apply special herb infused oils on the body of the client to promote relaxation and balance.

● Acupressure Massage
Acupressure is a non-invasive type of massage, similar to acupuncture, but, without the use of needles. The massage therapist will apply acupressure points on the body and clear the congestion that is preventing the energy to flow freely.

● Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage is ideal for athletes. The sports massage therapist will target the tensed muscles by performing slow strokes and pressure, using only the finger, thumb and elbow.

● Craniosacral Massage
Another non-invasive form of massage therapy is the Craniosacral wherein the therapist will apply light pressure to the cranial bones, spinal cord, and the sacrum (triangular bone along the base of the spine) to promote balanced energy, relieve a headache and stress.

● Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone full body massage uses smooth, warm stones and is placed carefully on the client’s body. This warm stone massage treatment will work on the tensed muscles of the client, giving a relaxing feeling afterward.

● Shiatsu
Shiatsu is a type of Asian massage that uses the Japanese style. The massage therapist will apply direct pressure to the meridians (lines of energy) which are regarded vital for a health wellbeing.

● Swedish Massage
Among the popular massage treatments that you will find in spa Miami is the Swedish massage. The massage therapist performs kneading, stretching and tapping to promote adequate blood circulation to the tensed muscles.

Massage can be an instrument to help unlock the needed healing energy inside your body that will foster a balanced well-being, both body, and mind. If you want to feel good inside and out, get the services of a mind and body massage spa therapist.

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