Top 5 Pump-Action Shotguns

pump action shotgun with cartridges on canvas background

Pump action shotguns are easily recognised by gun owners and non-gun owners alike, and there’s no mistaking the action of this gun. They are well-known among gun enthusiasts for simple design, reliability, and reasonable cost. Pump shotguns serve their owners in a variety of ways, such as hunting, home defence, and recreational shooting. Below we’ll discuss our top choices for this popular weapon.

pump action shotgun

Remington 870

Many believe the Remington 870 is the best shotgun ever made, not just the best pump shotgun. It’s hard to argue that point given this gun’s incredible versatility and reliability. Plenty of aftermarket options exist to allow the gun to be easily configured for hunting, skeet shooting, and home defense. Moreover, its double action bar design allows the action to operate smoothly and reliably, making this shotgun a solid choice at a great price.

Mossberg 500

Another wildly popular shotgun is the Mossberg 500. It’s another very versatile and reliable platform, which makes it easy to see why it’s one the best-selling shotguns ever made. For a reasonable price you can use it hunting game in the field, then trick it out with accessories to make it a formidable tactical weapon. Its safety is mounted on the top of the gun, making it very visible and easy to operate.

Benelli Nova

The Nova series from Benelli is known for its futuristic look, which sets it apart from other shotguns. Don’t let this fool you though, because this gun is built to last and withstand the elements in the field. Along with durability, it’s known for its ergonomic design. This shotgun was manufactured to be virtually indestructible and comfortable for just about any shooter.

Pump Action Shotgun Reloading

inchester Super X Pump

Winchester is another manufacturer with a long history of producing quality shotguns, and this model is no exception. When compared to their break action cousins, pump action shotguns improve ammo capacity and loading speed. With the Super X Pump, Winchester has taken this to a new level. The design of this gun takes advantage of an inertia action that allows the weapon to fire more rapidly than other guns in this category.

Weatherby PA-08

The PA-08 from Weatherby can be considered one of the best pump actions available for the money. This model has been designed to last a long time and fire many rounds without failure. It’s available in several finishes, making it an attractive addition to any collection. When you combine reliability with a very reasonable price, you get a shotgun that appeals to new and experienced shooters.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re searching for a first-time pump-action shotgun or adding a new weapon to your collection, these top-5 shotguns are the most popular and best quality on the market today. The next step is to consider which of these top pump-action shotguns will serve your needs best.

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