Marine stereo systems are continuously getting better, and audio companies are investing more time and resources into improving the system they offer. Read on to find out about some of the best marine sound system installations on the market this year.

1. Fusion MS-RA205

The Fusion MS-RA205 is an excellent compact system for your boat. Although smaller than most conventional stereo systems, Fusion has packed this stereo full of excellent features. You can connect your iPhone, iPod, or MTP Android device via USB, and access your entire music library with a smart heads-up display with easy navigation. The stereo is also Bluetooth compatible and DAB+ ready to give you full control over what you play.

You can even use the Fusion MS-RA205 with two separate audio channels meaning you can send different music to two locations on your boat. Perhaps you might choose to send some rock music to your cabin, and then send the latest radio hits to your deck. The Fusion MS-RA205 is an excellent choice for your sound system installation.

2. Kenwood KMRD372BT

The Kenwood KMRD372BT is a package that comes with an audio receiver and 5-four inch speakers. For the price of most receivers, this package gives you a fully–loaded receiver with great quality Kenwood speakers. The receiver has a USB port to connect your Apple or Android device, and a skip-resistant CD player. The receiver also features conformal-coated circuits, which protect the internal components from water and weather damage.

Finally, the receiver has a bright display for use in the daylight sun, and a dedicated call answer button for your connected cell phone.

3. Fusion Marine Box with wired remote

The Fusion Marine Box is an excellent system for when you have limited space on your boat. The included black box contains a receiver and amplifier and all required connections for your sound system. This box can then be kept anywhere on your boat, even in a storage area. All you have to do after the black box has been fitted is mount the wired remote somewhere easy to reach. The remote has a large LCD display, which allows you to navigate through your audio files.

The Fusion Marine Box can also be connected to your boat’s NMEA 2000 electronic communication system so you can send AM/FM radio or stream music from a Bluetooth device. You can also connect your Apple, MTP Android, or Windows device to stream music directly to the onboard USB connection.

The Fusion Black Box also features Multi-Box technology, which allows you to send audio through three different channels at once. This means you can stream three different music tracks at the same time while maintaining full control through the wired remote.

In Conclusion

Marine stereo systems are evolving, and these systems are just as high-end as an aftermarket car or home stereo system. When choosing your marine sound system installation, make sure you choose a receiver packed full of features like Bluetooth, USB, and radio.

Choosing one of the stereos mentioned can give you the best music playback on the market in 2018.