Tips and Ideas to Keep in Mind While Buying a Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine

Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine

The vertical form fill seal machine is the new and improved filling and packaging machine that allows better functionality and an enhanced production line. The machine has an automated assembly point for packing various kinds of food products into their bags. The vertical form fill seal machine serves a dual purpose; it ‘forms’ or produces for your product a container bag and then ‘fills and seals’ or packs the bag. The machine is capable of dealing with all kinds of food products liquid or solid. The vertical form fill seal machine has the capability of changing the scenarios of your production and packaging line. It is a must buy for every manufacturer out there. Here are some tips and ideas to take a smart and better decision before buying this machine for your business house.

  • Know what sizes of bags you are going to fill and invest in the appropriate size of the vertical form fill seal machine. Knowing what size your packaging bag is going to be, will not only appropriate the cost of the machine, but it will also make sure your space is appropriately filled. Make sure to buy two different machines for two different packaging sizes, this way you will end up with lesser investment and more revenue. Moreover, you will get for yourself an efficient production and packaging line.
  • Invest in the vertical form fill seal machine from your trusted machine makers only. If you are fairly new to the industry, trust word of mouth.
  • Do not be adamant on a particular packaging size, since machines come in a particular size only. You might not like it when you are trying to make your own size on a machine which is not meant for that, this will end up ruining your packaging line. Hence, be open to size alterations for your product to ensure a better efficiency.
  • There are software’s installed in the vertical form fill seal machines that allow your machine and your packaging line to be efficient and fast. Make sure whenever you buy a particular model for your business, you not only buy the latest one, but also the software must be compatible with the filler fittings in your machine, otherwise it will just be another dysfunctional machine yielding no revenue.
  • Since the machine produces the bags in which your product is going to be filled, the machine has a film compartment which allows the bag material to be stored and used accordingly. If the film material gets finished and the machine software is slow, it might put blockages in your production line. Hence look for a machine that is not just simple to operate but also is speedy.
  • Make sure to look out for the three most important features in your vertical form fill seal machine which is the most significant features- stainless steel body of the machine, crn registration number capability, and automatic web control guide. These features not only will give you an edge in the world of packaging, but also will provide you with optimization in all senses. Without these three features, the machine is not a bargain.

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