When you have a child, you are careful to pick a pediatrician who will take great care of your little one. But, what happens when your child needs special care for his eyes? How do you choose the right pediatric eye care doctor? Here’s some quick tips to make sure you’ve got the right pediatric eye care specialist to help your son or daughter.

1. Ask Your Pediatrician for Recommendations

This is a natural place to start when choosing a pediatric eye care doctor. Your pediatrician has treated and taken care of your child for a while now. He/She knows your child’s personality and what your expectations are from a physician. So of course, ask your pediatrician who he/she might recommend that would be a good fit.

2. Seek Recommendations from Friends

Do you have friends with children? Have their children visited a pediatric eye care center? Who is their pediatric eye care doctor? Talk to your friends, especially those who have a similar parenting style as you and find out who they use for their child’s eye care.

3. Call the Pediatric Eye Care Center(s) and Ask Questions

Once you have some recommendations, it’s time to call the pediatric eye care centers. This is your chance to ask questions about the doctor you are considering for your child. Feel free to ask about education, how long he/she has been in practice, and about his/her childcare philosophy.

Pediatric Eye Care Center

4. Set Up an Initial Consultation and See If You “Click”

There’s no better way to see if your prospective pediatric eye care doctor is going to be a match for your child (and you) than to set up a consultation. At this initial meeting you can see how the doctor and your child interact together. You can also ask any questions that you may have forgotten when you called for your appointment. You can see if you “click.”

5. Interview the Pediatric Eye Care Center

Also take the time to interview the staff at the pediatric eye care centre. After all, you will be interacting with them, too. Ask about office hours, insurance and how emergencies are handled. Make sure the staff seems attentive to you and your child’s needs and comfortable answering your questions.

Choosing a pediatric eye care doctor doesn’t have to be a difficult process when you follow these five quick tips. You’ll soon find that you have the right doctor to take care of all of your child’s eye care needs.