7 Things You Should Know Before Microblading Your Eyebrows



Whatever type of eyebrows you have, aging has an impact on the way they look. The fact is – you want your eyebrows to look their best – however you achieve it. Most women have a personal “brow regimen”, using various techniques, products, and applications. For many, all of the work and effort has become a real pain, not to mention the time consuming aspect. Find the microblading surgeon near me.

Enter microblading – a type of semi-permanent tattoo that scratches your skin and deposits pigment under the surface. While the process is semi-permanent, nothing proceeds before you approve the initial brow design that is drawn on your face. The benefits are worthy, for disappearing brows, for lost brows due to disease, or just for improving overall aesthetics.

Microblading Is a Type of Tattoo

Unlike a typical body tattoo, microblading implants a pigment under your skin with manual tools (as opposed to a tattoo machine). The idea is that the implanted pigment mimics your natural brow hairs. While it’s not deep like a body tattoo, the pigment constitutes a tattoo.

Preparation Is Key to Treatment

When getting ready for microblading, it’s important not to ingest anything that thins out the blood. Alcohol, aspirin, retinol, or the like, should be stopped at least one week prior to your treatment. It’s also recommended that alcohol and caffeine be avoided during the recovery.

Microblading Doesn’t Hurt (Much)

Because pain is relative to the individual, everyone feels the treatment differently. Generally the treatment feels like your being repeatedly scratched. You can feel the scratching, but it’s not intolerable. When required, a topical cream can be applied to numb possible discomfort.

Proper Aftercare Is Important

Like other skin procedures, aftercare is all about protecting your “new” eyebrows. It’s very important to avoid ALL moisture – NO face washing – NO sweaty workouts – NO swimming. Ideally, this regimen should last for 10 days (moisture will affect the microblading scab).

Some Treatment After-Effects

For some, skin itching and redness might be an after-effect in the first week after treatment. This is easily alleviated with Vaseline. While your brows might look a little dark at first, the color will diminish by 30% to 40%. Overall, your “new” brows look fabulous immediately.

The Results Are Long Lasting

While microblading results are long lasting, your brow color will fade naturally over time. Everyone responds differently – for example, with oily skin the implanted pigment breaks down more quickly. In many cases, periodic touch-ups are recommended (every 6 months).

Microblading – an Investment

Professional microblading can be costly. To be sure, there are low-priced services available, but here, caution should be exercised (particularly with an inexperienced technician). It’s far better to shop around, without looking for cost savings, and doing it right the first time.

Like any quasi-medical treatment, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Being informed about the treatment is the best approach when considering microblading. What’s most important is to choose a skin-care professional who is reputable (someone whom you’ve properly vetted).

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