How Long Can You Be Infected with HPV & HPV Warts Removal?

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It’s now easy for HPV warts removal from the privacy of your own home with Clinical Strength Somxl ®. Genital warts are caused when hpv virus infects the top layer of your skin known as the epidermis, once infected it causes the keratin cells in the top layer to rapidly multiply at an abnormal rate in comparison to the cells around it causing what we know as a wart. Clinical Strength Somxl ® is specifically designed for HPV warts removal and to target those abnormal skin cells.

We know that finding out you have genital warts is a stressful time and educating yourself about this disease before you choose your treatment is important and natural. So “how long could you have been infected for ? ” is often the first question. It’s difficult to be accurate with the infection time. Infection isn’t necessarily recent. It is possible to be born with the virus and it may lay dormant in your body for many years and the warts suddenly appear, this maybe because your immune system is low at that point & the virus can take hold.

Also Infection may have occurred recently, infection of genital warts is passed easily between sexually active individuals and anyone can get it. It is just as common with men as it is with women and is passed on during sexual contact. It is not just spread with full intercourse or penetration, it can be spread with close skin to skin contact. A condom will provide some protection but as it does not cover all the skin of the genital region infection is still possible.

In rare cases a genital wart infection can come from the hand and infect the genital region and warts of the lips, throat and mouth can be caused from oral sex with an infected person. You will not get a genital wart infection from a kiss, embracing, sharing bath water or swimming pools, toilets seats or drinking from same glass.

What is important that the sooner you start your treatment the better the 
results. With Clinical Strength Somxl ®, you can begin treating the genital wart infection straight away from theprivacy of your home You won’t need to wait for an awkward Doctors appointment or clinic visit with a nurse. You can start the genital wart removal process fast.

Clinical Strength Somxl ® was developed to provide not only an effective genital wart removal treatment but also to enhance your skins ability to repair and renew itself after the warts have been removed. We believe the genital wart removal process is not just about removal but also about getting your skin back to the way it was, healthy and looking normal. We understand that there is no point leaving the area scared and looking damaged after the warts are removed as this would be just about as embarrassing as having the warts in this area. Clinical Strength Somxl ® can help you privately remove your HPV wart problem fast.

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