How Do I Know if a Trenchless Sewer Replacement is Right for my Sewer?


Whenever there are sewer line issues, it needs to be resolved at the earliest. Sometimes home owners have to even replace the sewer pipelines. There is a lot of cost and unnecessary disruption associated with digging up long trenches in the garden every time you want to repair or replace your sewer pipes. The time, effort and expenditure are really something to think about because it affects your normal operations. To avoid and overcome the disadvantages of the traditional sewer pipes, the Trenchless sewer replacement is a great option. It has so many

Benefits compared to traditional methods.

Though the Trenchless sewer techniques have been around for quite a while now, most people are not even aware of these methods. Using trenchless sewer techniques can solve your many problems with regards to sewer repair. It allows you to inspect the sewer pipelines by digging only a small hole in the ground and then using a camera-fitted fibre optic cable for the inspection.

The question that arises in the mind is that How Do I Know if a Trenchless Sewer Replacement is Right for my Sewer? To answer this question you need to know what sewer line issues the trenchless sewer pipeline system helps resolving.

New Sewer Pipe Installation: The trenchless sewer pipeline technology offers a seamless integration of new sewer pipes and water pipes directed towards your home. In addition to entirely new installations, house owners decide to transition to the trenchless technology to replace the leaking lines.

Underground Pipe Problems: Nature itself can cause a lot of problems to your underground sewer lines. Therefore the trenchless technology is a huge benefit when you consider the various issues related with the sewer line especially for buildings, residential houses and apartments.

Damaged and Malfunctioning Sewer Pipes: Over time, sewer pipes have a tendency to age, causing issues such as cracking, breaking and blockage. Many a times due to a couple of reasons there is a tendency that the pipelines misalign. The tree roots can affect the pipelines. Extreme temperatures can also cause a wide variety of problems to the pipelines like corrosion, freezing, expansion and so on. The trenchless technology is a very good option in these cases as well.

The initial installation of trenchless sewer pipes cost around 40 percent more than the traditional sewer pipes but when you evaluate you realise that in the long run, the trenchless sewer pipes can result in lot of cost saving. In addition, you will not have regular damage done to your compound area. All the sewer line repairs can be accomplished in quick time without much hassle.

Depending on your requirement you can either choose the cured-in-place pipe or the pipe bursting form of Trenchless Sewer Repair Indianapolis, IN. The cured-in-place pipe requires digging just one access hole. This cured-in-place pipe is not possible in case the lateral has collapsed or it has joints. The pipe bursting technique can be used in the case of lateral collapse, in case there is sufficient space to drag a cable through the old pipeline.

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