Great Deals on Refurbished Dell Servers and HP Servers, Hard Disk Drives

A server is a device that processes requests made by other programs, devices, and clients. Although a server is analogous to a traditional computer, it allows for higher processing power, memory, and storage than that of a regular computer. 

Typically, you can find three different kinds of servers, tower, blade and rack servers. All three provide, more or less, the same services to clients, programs and devices. Whether you will choose a tower server, rack server or a blade server depends on your requirements.

Tower Servers 

You would go for a tower server when you require high computational power and you want to tip towards the lower ends in terms of price. These servers are often mistaken to be computer CPUs because of their size and shape. 

Blade Servers

Blade servers are made to deliver high computational power and are the latest technology out in the market. They require the least amount of space and are placed inside blade enclosures that form a blade system. 

Rack Servers 

Rack servers are smaller in size and are stacked in a rack, one over the other similar to how you would stack files and documents. These servers take up less space as compared to tower servers and they are also easier to set up since the cabling is cleaner. Kahn Servers specializes in providing the best-refurbished rack servers in the U.K.

Refurbished Server Hardware in the UK by Kahn Servers

Refurbished servers are a great way to stay well within your budget and it is safe to say that products by Dell and HP are sufficiently reliable for professional use. Here at Kahn Servers, we have some of the best deals for refurbished server hardware in the UK. 

Great Deals on Refurbished Dell Servers and HP Servers by Kahn Servers

Dell PowerEdge R620 1U

Starting from £199.99 

The Dell PowerEdge R620 comes with a pre-installed 16GB RAM and two E5-2620 CPUs. The rack server allows for easy and manageable installation and the price tag makes the deal absolutely worth it. It comes with a 1 year RTB warranty. 

HP DL380 Gen9 2U

Starting from £349.99

The device comes with enhanced reliability and continuous availability along with the 1 year RTB warranty. In this price tag, the rack server allows for up to 16GB storage and up to 3TB DDR4 RAM. With this price tag, a device that works in all environments makes a great deal. 

HP DL360p Gen8 1U

Starting from £149.99

The rack server comes with 2 E5-2603 CPUs and 8GB RAM at an incredibly low price for performance that meets the requirements of corporates and businesses. 

Dell PowerEdge R530 2U

Starting from £399.99

The R530 2U is a two-socket, 2U mainstream rack server and allows for efficiency in small to medium-sized businesses. 

HP DL380p Gen8 2U

Starting from £159.99

This server comes pre-installed with two CPU Heatsinks, no RAM but allows for up to 64TB storage along with the 1 year RTB warranty. 

Server Hard Drives 

A server requires an in-built hard disk that contains all the data and programs that a server can run. Clients can store their data in this hard disk as well since the server connects with multiple users and takes requests from them. Server hard drives are designed to be fast and reliable and some even allow for hot-swapping because one may want to change the hard disk while the server is running. 

Best Hard Disk Drives at Kahn Servers

Refurbished Hard Disk Drives in the UK by Kahn Servers are tested and packaged securely and also allow for an additional warranty that you can purchase while building your device. 


Starting from £24.60

The refurbished device is a SAS HDD which allows for high speed and high reliability along with a 1 year RTB warranty so you can purchase it with a peace of mind. 

Dell 05J9P Hard Drive 900GB 6G

Starting from £125.00

For a 900GB SAS hard disk, its a great product with an incredibly low price tag that is refurbished, packed and tested by our professionals. 

Dell C7F2G Hard Drive 500GB 6G

Starting from £35.00

The R Series Caddy is a high-speed drive offering the storage of 500GB and a 1-year warranty in case you run into problems. 

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