Five Must Know Tips For Caring For Your Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings are dazzling, sparkling and eye-catching. In a word, they’re beautiful. They never go out of style and they look good with everything you wear and everywhere you go. For all those reasons, they deserve lots of tender loving care. Here are five tips for giving your diamond earrings that special treatment.

Ask Your Jeweller For Advice – The first thing to do after purchasing your diamond earrings is to ask your jeweller for expert advice on how to look after them. Diamond earrings represent a sizeable investment, and to ignore words of wisdom from a jeweller could devalue that investment.

Gentle & Easy Cleaning – Gentle cleaning of your diamond earrings can restore much of their sparkle, especially if they’ve been stored away for a while. A mixture of mild detergent and lukewarm water in a bowl can do wonders – even a gentle swish through the soapy mixture can produce great results. If you’re thinking of using anything stronger than detergent, or of bringing out a brush to clean near the setting…well, maybe you should think again and return to tip one- ask your jeweller for advice! It’s always good to take this cautious approach when you’re thinking of using a less than gentle method to clean your precious diamond earrings.

Make Them The Last Thing You Put On – This is a very common sense tip when you think about it. While you’re getting ready to go out, you’re putting spray and other products into your hair, and applying fragrances and creams and lotions around the area of your face, neck and ears. If you put your diamond earrings into your ears before you start spraying and applying all this stuff, then your earrings could soon be coated in the residue of all those beauty products and fragrances. All this build-up can see your diamond earrings go from dazzling to dull in a very short space of time, so it makes good sense to put your earrings on last if you’re getting ready to go out.

Ring clean

Store Them Properly – Some diamond earrings are long and flowing, a cascade of sparkle and pizazz. Because they can come in all shapes and sizes, decent storage is a must. You want plenty of room in a large, soft-sided storage box so your zora sapphire earring can lay flat, and without having to be folded back onto themselves.

Back To The Jewellers – A reputable jeweller should have an on-going role in the care of your diamond earrings – a role that goes beyond providing advice at the point of sale. You can extend the life of your earrings by taking them into the jeweller for regular cleaning. Your jeweller can also inspect the earrings to check that the diamonds are in good condition, as well as the prongs that hold the stones in place. Another benefit of taking your diamond earrings in for frequents checks and cleans is that you can prove their worth if you ever need to make an insurance claim. Given that you love your diamond earrings for so many reasons, here’s hoping you’ll never have to make that claim!

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