Education track in Banni Chow Home Delivery?

Banni Chow Home Delivery

Fans react to the upcoming track. Audience against the education track: Banni Chow Home Delivery Show Banni Chow Home Delivery is delivering engaging content to its viewers. The show recently witnessed the wedding track of show lead Banni and Yuvaan. Famously known as YuVanni, the couple hit the audience’s heart hard. They are enjoyed and hyped by the loyal viewers of the show.

Pravesh Mishra as Yuvaan is doing marvelously. The way he is bringing life to the character, he is one of the best young actors. Especially, abled characters are not easy to play but Pravisht’s acting chops are leaving his fans speechless each day. He is making the audience fall for his acting. Pravesh is surely the right choice for the role. The tracks in the show are revolving around him. It is also bringing good ratings to the show.

 Banni’s strong support is another engaging element. Malini’s evil plot is keeping the audience hooked. The show is seeing the post-wedding celebration of Yuvaan and Banni. Next, fans predict makers might bring the education track as shown in a Hindi adaptation of the Bengali series Khukumoni Home Delivery

Post-Banni aka Ulka Gupta’s picture-carrying book and a newspaper were out, and fans worried if like the original series, Banni Chow Home Delivery will bring education track.

Here is how fans reacted to the picture:

Is that a gk book? Is she gonna start educating yuan like in the blog series? I am curious about #BanniChowHomeDelivery

Don’t tell me the education track is gonna start…I am crying     #BanniChowHomeDelivery

Few fans are against the education track as they feel it will bring a drop in the TRP of the show if failed to execute well.

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On the strong front, Banni along with Devraj is handling Yuvaan. Manini has an evil plot against Yuvaan. She is plotting to turn Yuvaan against Banni and Devraj. Banni is giving her support to Yuvaan so that he can come out from his traumas. Manini is looking for an opportunity to win Yuvaan’s heart so that she can defend Banni for spoiling her plans. Banni knows well about Manini’s evil move. She is trying her best to keep Yuvaan safe from Manini. How long Banni will be able to keep Yuvaan safe from Manini’s clutches will be interesting to watch. 

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