Comments Widget for WordPress


It is essential for a blog to have an active comment section at the bottom. Comments play a crucial role in enhancing the engagement of your website. Through active comments, the value of blogs is enhanced, and it acts as proof that you care about your audience. Additionally, it gives your readers a good reason to come back to your blog for more content.

When it comes to WordPress, you need to make sure that your readers are engaged throughout and that they feel secure on your comment section. Therefore, it is important to find the best comments widget for WordPress. One of the best WordPress widget plugins that you can use for your comments section is Vuukle. It is one of the highly rated comments platforms that you can use on WordPress. Here is everything you need to know about Vuukle.

1. Easy to install and use

Installing Vuukle, as your comments widget for WordPress, takes a few minutes, and you can start using it. Once it is successfully installed, it is user-friendly to both you and your audience. You will have an easy time reading the comments, and the readers will also be able to comment easily and faster. One of the drawbacks that most people face when it comes to commenting widgets is the loading time. With Vuukle, you do not have to wait for loading time as it loads instantly.

2. Highly customizable

It is important to have a commenting widget for a website that is customizable to your needs. One of the reasons why Vuukle is popular is that it allows users to add or remove anything they want to enhance the comments. You will be able to add the colors you want to match the theme of your website and change the font of the comments to make them look more interesting and attractive. It has a range of features that you can enable or disable depending on your preference.

3. Compatible with various platforms

Vuukle is not limited to some platforms. It allows users to increase the number of comments by making it available on different platforms. You can use it on both Android and iOS. Others include the popular CMS and blogging software. To enhance the number of comments on these platforms, Vuukle has an advanced commenting system that allows the use of Emojis, sharing option and Newsletter subscription.

4. Full control over the comments

It is important for you to have full control over the comments in your blogs. In this case, you will be able to block comments in a particular article, block spam and some users. Additionally, you can be able to reply, edit or delete a comment on any articles. You will also get a chance to know which platform or article has the most comments compared to others.

If you want to implement a comment system, you should go for Vuukle. It is a trustworthy comments widget for WordPress with thousands of publishers worldwide. With the millions of registered users, the engagement level in your comment section will increase by 300% of active comments that add value to your blog or website.

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