At what age should your child visit an orthodontist in Las Vegas?


When most people think of orthodontic treatment, theyusually assume that it’s only for older children and teens with alignment and spacing problems. But this isn’t the case –at Significance Orthodontics Las Vegas NV we recommend beginning orthodontic treatment at a young age.

By beginningearly, any alignment issues can be identified and we can provide treatment as the teeth begin to develop. This is important not only for proper dental health and the cosmetic benefits – but to improve your child’s overall health as well.

The Benefits of Early Orthodontics Treatments for Your Children

Some of the advantages to starting this treatment at a young age include:

• It can reduce the extent of orthodontic treatment needed later;
• With early treatment, the orthodontist guides the teeth into the correct position to prevent the removal of teeth and improve an overbite, under bite, or cross bite;
• Straighter teeth are easier to clean and better for preventing tooth decay;
• As a benefit to you, your expenses will be much lower with early treatment;
• Much early treatment is covered by dental insurance.

So at what age should you take your child to an orthodontist in Las Vegas?

Treatment can begin as soon as 7-years-old for some children. Although the typical age to consider braces is between 9 and 13, 7 seems to be the age that can help to prevent problematic areas before they can become more difficult to correct or may even become permanent.

When you take your child in for early treatment, it is typically done in a Two-Phase process.

Phase #1: During this phase, we will introduce your child to the orthodontist and establish a relationship with them. Because the relationship between your child and the orthodontist in Las Vegas NV will last for several years, you want to make sure it will be a good fit.

The orthodontist will thoroughly examine your child’s gums, mouth, teeth, and jaw. Although your child will still have most of his or her primary teeth at this time, we can still stop a problem before it develops and can also correct bad oral habits.

Phase #2: When it’s time to enter in to the second phase, braces will be placed on your child’s teeth to move and straighten secondary/permanent teeth into their proper position. If proper jaw alignment is not pursued when your child is young when bone density is more easily manipulated, your child may need surgery to correct this anomaly at a later date when bones become harder and more difficult to move.

If you begin to notice your child has an overbite, cross bite, crowding teeth, under bite, wide spaces between teeth, or missing teeth, it’s time to take him or her in for a consultation.For the very best orthodontics in Las Vegas NV, contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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