Ajmal Perfumes: The Crown Jewel of Woody Perfumes

Ajmal perfumes

Being fragrant means the world to most people because scents make an excellent confidence booster. Aromatic scents help uplift one’s soul and can improve one’s way of life. Scents are potent formulations that capture one’s personality and make it even better. Scents can also bring you to places you love, even with nature. And when you want to be one with nature, you need to feel and smell like it. The excellent news is woody scents are here for your rescue. There are so many perfumers in the industry that can cater to the taste of a nature lover; however, only Ajmal Perfumes has the best woody collection. Ajmal is the crown jewel of woody perfumes that started as a humble brand in Assam, India. Now, Ajmal has a vast portfolio of refined and captivating fragrances.

Establishing a solid presence in the Middle East, Ajmal now has over 135 exclusive retail outlets. With more than 60 years in the perfume industry, you can never go wrong with this luxury brand. You can have it all, from niche fragrances to woody ones, with Ajmal’s exquisite perfume line. 

Ajmal Perfumes to Match Your Woody Fragrance Collection 

Of course, you’ve got to experience the crown jewel’s expertise firsthand. Here are Ajmal scents that will fit your fragrance wardrobe and the woody vibes that it carries. Find your signature scent on this list and be amazed at the power Ajmal perfumes hold. 

Black Onyx

For an aromatic, green, citrus, and woody aroma, you should get your hands on this unisex Eau de Parfum. Ajmal Black Onyx has been the crown jewel’s ace since 2016, and up until now, it has been raved by global perfume enthusiasts. Ajmal Black Onyx is a woody aromatic perfume that suits all occasions and is a must-try versatile scent. 

The fragrant scent of Ajmal Black Onyx came from notes of bergamot, pineapple, lily-of-the-valley, galbanum, geranium, lavender, vetiver, and oakmoss. These fragrance notes make Black Onyx long-lasting with an impressive appeal. With this perfume, you can feel nature right under, or should I say, on top of your skin. 


This amber floral perfume from Ajmal is one of their excellent releases in 2016. Alia feels like a typical Arabian scent with a gourmand and enticing aroma. With Alia, you can capture everyone’s attention due to its aromatic, woody, warm spicy, oud, and musky scent. 

Ajmal perfumes

Ajmal, the crown jewel of woody scents, has proved its reputation with Alia. Aside from the main accords I’ve mentioned earlier, it also oozes aroma filled with hints of patchouli, earth, and herbs. A spray of Alia will bring you a great combination of agarwood, cardamom, pink pepper, patchouli, vetiver, artemisia, cedar, musk, violet, lemon, and bergamot. 


To whoever claims that chivalry is dead, let Ajmal’s perfumes prove that it is still alive. Chivalry is a woody, aromatic, earthy, and citrus scent from Ajmal perfumes launched last 2018. If you want a long-lasting woody scent, you can never go wrong with Chivalry. 

Ajmal perfumes

The aromatic spicy fragrance of Chivalry came from fragrance notes of grapefruit, pink pepper, gardenia, bergamot, geranium, rose, jasmine, freesia, vetiver, cedar, patchouli, and oakmoss. It is a great perfume that can help boost your confidence as its scent stays on your skin. To add, Chivalry has a comforting citrus aroma, so you don’t need to worry about having a harsh smell. 

Purely Orient Cashmere Wood

Ajmal perfumes have proved their royalty with this unisex Eau de Parfum. Purely Orient Cashmere Wood captured the attention of perfume lovers with its woody, powdery, amber, and musky aroma. It’s the perfect woody scent that you can wear on any occasion. 

Ajmal perfumes

This perfume hints fragrance notes of lavender, mandarin orange, orris, cacao, tonka bean, cashmere, agarwood, cedar, patchouli, and amber. The oriental scent of Purely Orient Cashmere Wood will keep you and everyone around you interested. Its strong projection will be your advantage when you need a lasting fragrance on hectic days. 

Evoke For Him

This list isn’t complete without the aromatic, woody, powdery, and warm spicy Ajmal Eau de Parfum. Evoke For Him is an aromatic fragrance for gentlemen who wants a great partner for their suit and tie. It is a well-blended formulation that reflects Ajmal perfumes’ value for luxury. 

Ajmal perfumes

Evoke For Him carries lavender, green apple, bergamot, cardamom, juniper, orris, heliotrope, sandalwood, musk, and vetiver. All these vital ingredients make this perfume fragrant and long-lasting. Evoke For Him’s outstanding aroma deserves to be part of every gentleman’s perfume collection.

Bring Back the Chivalry with Ajmal Perfumes

Woody scents have been dominating the perfume industry for years. It has been loved by all genders and is famously known for its remarkable aroma. So, don’t miss this chance to have an improved perfume collection. 

Start collecting woody scents to consider your fragrance wardrobe exceptional. Ajmal perfumes are worth the try, and for sure, once you have tried one, you’ll keep reaching out for more. Get Ajmal perfumes and experience the beauty of woody scents.

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