8 Tips for writing a successful E2 Business Plan

E2 Business Plan

A tradition plan and E2 business plan differ from each other. We write a normal business plan for investors and managers of the business organisation.
We write E2 business plan for USCIS officers with the purpose of getting an E2 emigration visa so that the applicant may live and work legally in the USA.
E2 business plan writing differs from a tradition plan in terms of content, purpose, format, language, and tone.
Important features of the E2 business plan

1. Purpose:

The purpose of the immigration Visa E2 business plan is to convince the USCIS officer that the business enterprise that the petitioner is investing in has the potential to generate the required number of job opportunity to qualify him or her for an E2 immigration visa.

2. Content:

The content of an immigration Visa E2 business plan is geared towards providing that the business is bonafide, trusted and authentic.
They show their proof of different taxes return, financial statement, quarterly wage report, salary structure, payroll summaries, and bank statement.
They even show in their content that the business is not marginal, showing that the business is substantial and irrevocably committed (canceled check and money orders, a list of itemized goods, and material purchased for the start-ups, and lease agreements). The content of E2 business plan technomantu also shows the source of capital (transfers of money orders, foreign bank statements, and foreign tax return filing).

3. Format:

The format of the immigration Visa E2 business plan includes detailed information about the applicant and his background.
The format also includes information regarding the executive summary (introduction, mission, objectives, costs summary, sales forecast, and sales strategy).

4. Language and tone:

We must write the E2 business plan written for USCIS in the language that reflects the legal business guidelines and immigration rules.
The language and tone should be in a simple language that the immigration officer reading the E2 business plan will have no difficulties in understanding the contents of the documents.
Tips to write a successful E2 Business Plan

1. Executive summary:

It is an important section of the E2 business plan for Custom Business Plan. The executive summary is a synopsis at the beginning of the plan that should act as a hook to catch the attention of the officer who will handle the documents. If it looks every information is perfect, and it builds the required interest then the immigrant officer looks forward to the rest of the E2 business plan or otherwise it will suffer if the executive summary does not catch the attention of the immigrant officer.
Now the summary should explain some important things like explaining when the business will be started? Where the business operation will conduct? Despite this information, also write to them about the focused market, explainer video for business growth, the marketing strategies, and even the ownership of the venture.

2. Value proposition:

I consider this to be an important section of the E2 business plan.
For the segment of the value proposition, the foreign capitalist is the need to be explained how the prospective venture that the foreign capitalist will start? How it will help the US economy? They have to convince the USCIS officer about the prospective venture that will be successful.

3. Meeting of the E2 VISA pre-requisites:

In this section, it will show that if the foreign capitalist could meet the prerequisites that were set by the USCIS and the way there were met. Here the foreign capitalist has to remember that the USCIS will reject the request if the pre-requisites not met by the foreign capitalist.

4. The structure for the ownership of the venture and administration:

The foreign capitalist has to explain the involvement and function within the venture. There can also be a partnership in the prospective venture and each of the partners being a candidate for the application of the E2 visa. The capitalist must explain the responsibilities of the other people in the venture.

5. A description of the product is to be produced by the venture will provide that.
6. Analysis of the market, venture niche, and industries.
7. The strategies for marketing of the venture services and products and it should be sustainable.
8. Venture operating plan and facts regarding financing the venture.
These are important tips for writing a successful E2 business plan.

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