5 Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for Businesses


Want to increase your sales? What steps are required to boost your conversion rate? Every business wants its sales to shoot up and look for answers to these questions. Not to worry! I am here to share the best conversion rate optimization tips for your business to convert leads and boost sales.

Getting traffic to your website needs a lot of effort, good content, and convincing power. If you are not getting good traffic to your website, the chances of conversion are very less. Of course! you need the traffic to convert, or else, it is a waste of time, money, and effort.

Once you start to get the traffic, voila! you are good to go. You can easily initiate more conversions for your business.  Having great traffic to your website will lead to conversion and further, improve return on investment (ROI)

If you are a conversion rate optimization (CRO) expert, you need to experiment with your website to grab the attention and lure people to become your customer. 

In this article, I have compiled a list of the best conversion rate optimization tips for your business that will be of great help to growing your business in the future. Keep reading to understand those tips in detail.

5 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

Use Adequate Headlines

The first thing that the user notice is the Headline. Your headline plays a vital role to convert a potential customer into becoming your loyal client. 

For example, if a user visits your webpage while searching to buy a washing machine and finds a headline saying “30% off in exchange for an old washing machine”. Chances are high that it will increase your conversion rate in comparison to the headline saying “best exchange deals in this festive season”. 

Hence, always try to grab the attention with an effective headline so that your customer gets convinced and buys your product. 

In addition, there are different types of headlines that can be used such as question headlines, instructional & how-to headlines, and problem-solving headlines. Thus, make sure your headline covers the sales pitch in one sentence. 

Focus on Unique Content

You have always known this fact – Content is King! No person can get to know about your product without reading the content. You can easily generate more leads with the help of gated content. Now the question is, what type of content is required to increase your conversion rate? The answer is straight and simple, keep the content quality high and unique. 

For example, if a user reads your blog, without knowing about your website and the services you provide. Don’t let your blog be focused on selling your product all the time. Try to educate your audience to build trust in your writing. Your content should include tips, advice, facts, and proof. This will enable the user to know more about your website. 

Hence, always try that you offer quality content that is unique and useful to your reader to become your potential customer in the future. 

Concentrate on CTA

Call-to-action is the ultimate game-changer. This enables people to tell what they need to do next. CTAs instruct users on the different ways to generate leads for you. This CRO technique converts 90% more effective than any other method of conversion. 

Now, you know the importance of CTA, but the question is how to convenience the user to click on CTA. There are different ways of CTAs like buttons, in-line anchor texts, pop-ups, etc. 

If we talk about in-line anchor text CTAs, you can expect a conversion rate between 50% to 90% from this type of CTA alone. Isn’t it great? Try to focus on a call-to-action that is appropriate and send a clear message to the user. It should be simple and must guide the user to proceed in the right direction. 

Hence, experiment with CTA as per the product and the need of the user. Invite people to buy your product, or ask them to visit your website as per the need of the business. 

Avoid Landing Page Distractions

The landing page is an important aspect of increasing your conversion rate. How? Here is a thing, distraction on the landing page decreases the chances of the user buying a product or service from your website. So, it is better to avoid distractions. 

Now, what are the distractions you need to avoid? Hide the sidebar, and remove the links to let the user focus on the call to action. Taking an instance, A/B testing was done by Hubspot where they removed links from 5 landing pages. The result was amazing. All 5 landing pages received a 28% increase in the conversion rate. 

Hence, always try to prioritize the landing page with less or no distractions at all. Different pop-ups, messages, and link clicks divert the attention and buying mindset of the potential customer. 

Improve Page Load Speed

Page load speed is directly linked to conversion rate. Yes! that is true. A 1-second delay in page loading may result in a 7% decrease in conversions. Similarly, a 1-second improvement in page loading time results in a 27% increase in conversion rate in the case of mobile. 

Now, you can notice the impact of page loading speed on your conversion rate. So, it is essential to invest your focus in improving the page load speed. For this, you can check your website speed with the help of Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. It lets you know the errors where your page load speed is getting impacted and informs the ways to improve them. 

Hence, to improve your conversion rate, make sure your page loading speed is fast. This will result in more leads, more sales, and more revenue. 


To sum up, conversion rate optimization benefits in increasing sales, improving ROI, and improving the rate of visitors to your business website. 

If you are struggling with fewer visitors, decreased leads, and fewer conversions, you really need to apply these tips to boost your conversion rate. 

With the above-mentioned CRO techniques and strategies, you can easily focus on your sales and generate revenue for your business. 

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