4 Ways to Naturally Treat a Bulging Disc

4 Ways to Naturally Treat a Bulging Disc

A bulging disc is a spinal disc injury that can occur anywhere in your spine and cause significant problems over time. If it gets severe enough, the disc nucleus can partially burst outward, causing a herniated disc. Car accidents often cause these injuries, but they can also be caused by wear and tear.

Fortunately, bulging disc treatment doesn’t always require surgery or medication. Relieving the pain can be as simple as giving your body the time and resources it needs to heal. While herniated discs and other severe cases may require more significant intervention, many cases can be treated naturally.

A licensed chiropractor can provide specifics as to how and when to use the following bulging disc treatments. Keep in mind that all injuries are different, and a treatment plan that works for a friend or relative may not work for you.

1. Rest

Like all injuries, bulging discs require significant amounts of rest in order for your body’s cells to do their repair work. Avoiding unnecessary strain and sports activities can help accelerate recovery. While avoiding sports and limiting activity may be annoying, it’s far less of a hassle than surgery or other major medical intervention for a herniated disc.

2. Anti-inflammatory Diet

An anti-inflammatory diet can help reduce the pain associated with bulging discs. Fiber-rich foods and green vegetables are critical to reducing inflammation. Reducing red meat consumption and eating more fish can help provide your body with the nutrients it needs to recover from a bulging disc.

You may even see other health benefits if you stick to an anti-inflammatory diet for long enough. Anti-inflammatory diets can reduce signs of aging and help prevent heart disease.

3. Exercise

Careful exercise can actually help bulging discs, but only when done under the instruction of a licensed chiropractor. Patients with severe bulging discs may be advised to wait for a while before beginning a gentle exercise routine. Milder cases may start exercising right away but may also be advised to get a certain amount of rest after their exercise routine is completed each day.

Spine Stretching

4. Spinal Adjustments

A licensed chiropractor can adjust your spine in ways that facilitate bulging disc recovery. Sometimes bulging discs are caused or aggravated by a misalignment of the spine, and the disc can’t recover unless this problem is corrected. Spinal adjustments may need to be performed on a regular basis for a few months, especially if your injury may worsen due to poor posture or other lifestyle factors.

Ultimately, the road to recovery for bulging disc patients doesn’t have to be hard. Surgery and other invasive techniques can usually be avoided if natural treatment methods are diligently followed. A chiropractor’s knowledge and care can go a long way toward empowering patients to fully recover while minimizing negative effects on the patient’s life.

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