3 Essential Mastectomy Accessories

Essential Mastectomy Accessories

Most women who have had a mastectomy know it has changed their lives. As you start a new chapter in your life, there are new things you must consider to keep your body and mind happy post-op. But these new lifestyle requirements don’t need to be a burden, in fact, nowadays it’s incredibly easy to find stylish and affordable accessories online.

Simple care routines and accessories can make life with a mastectomy as simple and easy as without one. Read on for our top three essential mastectomy accessories, including the sought-after Amoena breast form wash.

1. Amoena Breast Form Wash

Caring for your breast form can be very easy with the right products and routine. Thorough and regular care with a gentle cleansing solution is essential for long-lasting adhesion. Cleansing your form daily will re-activate the adhesive properties of your breast form, and a good routine is something you can easily do in the shower. Although any mild cleansing product is suitable, Amoena breast form wash is a product designed specifically with the care of your breast form in mind, with the correct amount of detergent to effectively clean without compromising the quality of your breast form. This product has a gentle cleansing action that will prolong the life of your breast form in a very simple cleaning process. The light fragrance also adds a feminine touch.

2. Roll-on Adhesive

To keep things in place, a quality adhesive is essential. Roll-on adhesives are the easiest type to use, with no mess and adhesive only where you want it. We recommend Amoena 166 “It Stays!” roll-on adhesive, for its unbeatable price and quality. This product is a gentle body adhesive that has the bonus of washing off with water. No mess, no fuss, just breast forms, bra straps, and hosiery all securely kept just where you want them so that you can focus on the more important things in life.

3. Mastectomy Night Dress

Post-op, some women can feel unattractive and uncomfortable with their new body. An essential part of life following a mastectomy is re-discovering your femininity. This journey is related to discovering and developing new inner confidence – based around who you are as an individual, and of course, your new body. Feeling feminine and attractive in public can be difficult for some, so the best place to start can be with a classic black night dress. Comfortable and sleek, you can wear a mastectomy night dress for evenings at home or simply in bed.

Choosing a glam nightdress can be the first statement of strength and beauty you need to build your confidence again. Amoena Glam Mastectomy Nightdress has an integrated shelf bra to hold your breast form securely and comfortably and is designed with super soft fabrics and elastics to look elegant and also have your night-time comfort in mind.

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