10 Questions A Couple Should Ask Before Booking A Wedding Videographer

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Undoubtedly, your wedding is a day to outshine all other days. You’ll spend so much time planning every little detail of the big day only to watch it fly by in a blink of an eye.  Hiring a professional videographer to capture everything on film is one of the best ways to enjoy your wedding day over and over again and see all the little moments you may have missed. A talented videographer is an essential part of your wedding because the way you remember your happiest day depends on how amazing the captured memories look.

Here are 10 questions to ask your Jamaica wedding videographer before booking so that your wedding video is one you can’t wait to share with the world.

Q1. Can you tell me about your experience as a wedding videographer?

The background of a Montego Bay wedding videographer can be pretty diverse, ranging from self-taught video artists to ones trained at film school, a TV station, or on a film set. The videography style of your cameraman and how they do things, in general, will be influenced by their background. So, it’s always a good idea to inquire about the expertise and experience of the individual you’re entrusting with documenting your special day.

An experienced videographer knows how to get your good side, the fashionable trendy clips like aerial ones of the ceremony, and has a penchant for calming down the couple’s nerves!

What you want is a videographer that’s a wonder with a camera and well-versed in tackling challenges that can arise.

Q2. What is your preferred aesthetic or shooting style?

Many Montego Bay wedding videographers pride themselves on having a signature style, so after editing, many of their videos have that artistic stamp on them to be distinguished from someone else’s work. Does your videographer prefer a more real-life documentary style, does he edit his videos with a particular effect each time, and can he do more cinematic shots? Knowing this upfront will help to ensure that you get the video of your dreams.

Q3. Have you ever shot at my wedding venue in Montego Bay?

It always helps if a videographer has shot a wedding at the same venue before because it takes them much less time to familiarize themselves with all the best angles regarding light and backdrops.

Q4. Do you work well with photographers during a wedding?

Coordination and good understanding between the different vendors that are instrumental in making your wedding happen are crucial. In addition, your Montego Bay wedding videographer needs to work well with the photographer to seamlessly capture the best memories without getting in each other’s way. In some cases, your videographer may recommend a photographer they know and have worked with before.

Q5. What made you want to become a wedding videographer?

This question offers insight into how passionate your Jamaica wedding videographer is, which manifests itself in the wedding video they will produce. You’re looking for someone enthralled and enchanted by weddings and all the proceedings during that day. Only that person can capture the joy and love artistically.

Q6. Do you work alone or with another videographer to capture the critical moments in the ceremony and wedding reception?

Ensure to inquire about the number of individuals who will photograph your wedding and the number of cameras they will be using.

This will depend on the crew and equipment of the wedding videographer and your wedding budget.

Having multiple cameras and videographers will ultimately make your Jamaican wedding video better. If you only have one videographer with a single camera, they can’t capture everything.

Q7. Do you cover the whole wedding, or are there particular parts you are fond of?

Many videographers have a system or a format for shooting wedding videos in Montego Bay. They tend to cover the significant aspects like the first look, the walk down the aisle, the speeches, and when the cake is being cut. So, make sure you and your prospective Jamaica wedding videographer are on the same page. If a moment is missed, you may regret that when you view the wedding video.

Q8. What are your thoughts on background music?

You and your videographer need to have the same taste in music so that when the wedding video has been edited, you don’t find yourself disliking the accompanying song. You can also use this opportunity to share the music you like or prefer.

Q9. Are there any additional costs?

You want to know if there are any additional fees you might be responsible for.

For example: What if your wedding lasts longer than expected? What if the cameraman needs to go to multiple sites throughout the day? Will there be a surcharge for travel? How much will major edits set you back?

Get a clear image of the total cost from your wedding videographer, including what will be extra.

Q10. Can you please tell me how I will receive the film itself?

Some videographers use tapes, and some use hard drives, but you should ask how they back up data because it is easy to lose it through a virus, etc. Tapes, of course, mean permanent backup unless they are physically destroyed. Ask whether you will receive your final video in a DVD format and if so, do you get multiple copies?

When you’ve spent a ton of money looking your best at a beautiful venue with your most cherished family and friends, you won’t have a second chance to capture it. Why do couples spend so much money on weddings?  They know that these special moments in life, where all these people come together to celebrate love, are priceless.

These joyous moments should be preserved. And when you look back on what was captured years later, you’ll probably laugh and cry as you remember the love you felt. This is the real purpose of a Montego Bay wedding videographer.  

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